Magnolia (magnolia_simms) wrote,

Plagerizing is not cool.

I just found a completely plagerized story on It's here. I hope she deletes it after she reads my comment. Once I realized I'd read a story almost exactly like this before, I pulled out the book (which just happens to be one of my favorite Star Trek books), I realized practically this entire story was copied word for word.

How sad.

This was my comment to the story:

Wow. Just wow. This is the most glaring plagerization I have EVER come across on Seriously. This is almost word for word from the story of The Covenant of the Crown.

You have the same premise. Spock and McCoy are trapped on a planet (sure you took out Kailyn and your reason is a little different... whoopdee do). There are Klingons pursuing them, and they're climbing a mountain where they run into locals that know about space travel. You changed Shirn O'tay's name to Shar-in, but that's about all the originality I see here. You even used direct passages from the book.
The stone paved walkway ended and McCoy continued along a path at the base of a high cliff. The smooth wall of rock rose up to blend with the dark sky, it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began. Below him, the steep slope fell away to the valley floor hundreds of feet down. There was a soft thump from the path a few yards ahead of him. He glanced up and saw a little lump of snow that hadn’t been there a moment ago. Before he could turn to look around, the silent night was shattered by a screeching roar from above and behind him. Giant claws slashed at his throat. No place to go but over the cliff. Suddenly hands grabbed him, he held them, felt them give way, felt himself being pushed to safety as the animal fell backwards over the cliff.

This is the one that gave you away to me. So I pulled out the book.
“Spock, why are we doing this?” McCoy asked exasperated.

“You know why, Doctor,” Spock replied impatiently.

“Tell me again, cause right now, I have my doubts,” McCoy said. “Here we are climbing a mountain somewhere in the middle of nowhere..”

“We are proceeding along the most logical course,” Spock replied.

“These travelers have been held without need,” the old man said. “Release them.

Immediately, the hand ropes were untied.

“You are free to leave,” said the old man.

“Now?” McCoy asked surprised.

I could list them all, but I'm sure you know exactly which words you plagerized. I know that the book was published over 20 years ago, but some of us dedicated fans have a copy and prefer Howard Weinstein's version much better.

Pfft... what a moron.
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