Magnolia (magnolia_simms) wrote,

Dear CW, I hate you.

Dear CW,

No. Absolutely not. You cannot do a series on Dick Grayson before he became Robin. You've already ruined the back story of one DC superhero with Smallville (among other guest star appearances by other DC heroes), I don't want to see another. Besides, Dick Grayson was 8 when his parents were killed. Are we going to watch a TV show about a 7 year old circus acrobat? The interesting stuff with his character happened after Bruce took him in... or during his transition from Robin to Nightwing.


I absolutely hate you, CW. Go ruin some other franchise already.

And the fact that you gave Dick Grayson another nickname (Dick "DJ" Grayson) just makes me want to burn your offices to the ground. DJ? His name is Richard and Dick is his nickname. You don't need to shorten it anymore than that. Don't like that his name is Dick? Take on another character then.

Piss off, CW.

No love,
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