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Drama much?

Okay, people falling down to their knees crying because Obama has been elected?

Not necessary and highly annoying.

Don't get me wrong. I voted for him. I'm happy. But the tears aren't necessary.

Stop the dramatics for the cameras.

Edit: What I like...

John McCain giving his concession speech in a very gracious way, and the fact that he silenced his supporters when they started booing that Obama had won (on more than one occasion). I hope that he does work with Obama because if they can work together, they might actually get this nation together.

What I don't like...

Overzealous Obama fans that are cursing Republicans and people who voted for McCain. People saying things like "Fuck you, Republicans!" and "Your reign of terror is over!" What the hell does that accomplish aside from making you look like an idiot? How about you stop cursing people for being extremist Republicans while you're being an extremist Democrat? Idiots.
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